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Helpers 4 Learners serves as a bridge to facilitate

life-long impact for needy children in Nepal.

Helpers 4 Learners and SDSS(PEP) are governed under an Agency Agreement with IMCS.

Within this framework, "Helpers" in Canada join the cause to enable "Learners" in Nepal.

The governance structure provides for accountability and transparency to ensure

efficient, effective, and relevant use of donor funds.   


Sundar Dhoka Saathi Sewa(SDSS)
Kathmandu, Nepal

Sundar Dhoka Saathi Sewa (SDSS) is a non-denominational, non-political, non-religious, humanitarian, non-profit registered Nepali NGO and authorized by the Social Welfare Council of Nepal. For over 30 years, SDSS has served people with disabilities, the sick, and poverty stricken. SDSS sponsored programs provide vital support including: critical health treatment, economic development, services to persons with disabilities and chronic illness, and other forms of practical kindness to the low and needy. SDSS is recognized for effectively achieving their mission . . ."for the least of these".


SDSS provides management, oversight and Board governance for PEP including an annual financial audit.

Prerana Education Partnership (PEP)
Kathmandu, Nepal. 


PEP is an outreach ministry of Sundar Dhoka Saathi Sewa. In Nepali, the word "Prerana" means "to inspire". The "Partnership" strategy within Nepal via PEP, involves engaged parents, teachers and schools, the child, and the PEP field officer who serves as a liaison of help, counsel, and advocacy.
PEP stays with each child through a complete school education and on to vocational opportunities. Education is their path out of poverty and into a life of fulfilled potential and fruitfulness. With a quality education (including English language), opportunities for employment and appropriate income are possible. PEP kids are qualified for good jobs, vocational schools, trade, college and university entrance.  

PEP "sees" each child as an individual with value and potential.

Helpers 4 Learners is a co-founder with SDSS of the Prerana Education Partnership (PEP)

International Messengers Canada Society (IMCS)
Abbotsford, BC Canada

IMCS is a Canadian registered charity with global outreach. IMCS provides tax deductible receipts for donations to PEP and is the custodian of the PEP fund. IMCS initiates quarterly fund transfers to Nepal as PEP performs its mission. IMCS is a member of Canadian Centre for Christian Charities. 

Bruce & Verna Ratzlaff (Helpers4Learners) are volunteer directors of IMCS' Nepal ministries. The Ratzlaffs provide direction and control oversight of the PEP Fund and the execution of the PEP program strategy.


Verna serves as an independent Board Director of IMCS. Bruce serves IMCS as advisor to their Finance Committee.

And you. . .

PEP "Helpers" include Canadian children, families, corporate sponsors, and charitable foundations.

Through our cohort based funding model, every dollar given to the PEP fund makes an equal impact.


100% of every dollar given is transferred to Nepal and is used in fulfilling the vision.

Volunteering Group
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