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"They say it takes a village to raise a child . . .We saw a ripe opportunity to provide the missing elements of the proverbial 'village' for the kids of the urban poor. Their families have left the societal structures of rural life and often flounder in the unfamiliar realities of the overcrowded city. The children suffer from a lack of access to education now required in order to thrive in a developing economy." 


Bruce & Verna Ratzlaff

Verna engages opportunities and people through the treasure of a lifetime of reading, successful leadership roles in the non-profit sector, business ownership, Board Directorship, and a common-sense approach grounded in reality. With a practical focus, she is advisor to the nurturing strategy of PEP.

With a gifting and acumen for business including an MBA degree, Bruce enjoyed a successful leadership career in the financial services industry serving as CEO of three organizations. Bruce guides the strategy and mission/vision of PEP in Nepal, in addition to leading the funding engine that creates the PEP Fund at International Messengers Canada Society. 

The Ratzlaffs' engage with the PEP leaders via zoom in addition to regularly traveling from Calgary, Alberta to Kathmandu for hands-on oversight of PEP.  

Son and daughter-in-law of the founders of Sundar Dhoka Saathi Sewa (SDSS), Bikash and Bijata are co-founders with the Ratzlaff's of the Prerana Education Partnership. ​

Bikash is Executive Director (CEO) of SDSS, a true social entrepreneur and natural leader. With a degree in Hospital Administration, Bikash leads SDSS with a heart to advocate against social injustice and help those in need. ​

Bijata is Operations Director (COO) of SDSS, and recently earned a Masters in Social Work. A skilled leader and administrator, Bijata oversees a broad scope of outreach programs of SDSS and is the operational lead for PEP. In a former role, Bijata provided executive leadership for the child sponsorship program of World Vision. This background is invaluable in the execution of the PEP strategy. 

Together, Bikash and Bijata are examples of generosity and practical support to those in need. Their work of humanitarian ministry spans the country. ​


Bikash & Bijata Adhikari

The founders of the registered NGO Sundar Dhoka Saathi Sewa, BabuKaji and Ghoma have an inspiring life story of sacrifice, care, and compassion for the needy that is unparalleled. Their heart for first sharing practical love in tangible ways to those in need, has touched the lives of thousands. 

BabuKaji is Board Chairman of SDSS and oversees mission of the multi-pronged services of the organization.

Ghoma is a driving force behind the execution of the strategies of SDSS as it helps those in need. Ghoma is particularly adept at guiding those with complex medical needs navigate the hospital system in Kathmandu and across Nepal. SDSS, under Ghoma's guiding energy, provides services of "Patient Navigator" and a recovery hostel (think Ronald McDonald House). Ghoma is deeply respected in the medical community.   

Babukaji & Ghoma Adhikari

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