The Funding Model

The PEP Fund

The direct costs of school is about $25 per month ($300 per year) per child. This includes monthly fees, uniform, supplies, books, exam fees, etc.

Adding in the vital "structural and wholistic development" elements (enrichment, advocacy, tutoring, parent training, school/home visits, administration, management and governance - in Nepal) the total averages just over $40 per PEP kid per month (about $500 per year). 

The PEP Fund is a pool of money created by the gifts of donors. The PEP Fund is domiciled in Canada and under the custody and control of International Messengers Canada Society, a registered Canadian charity.


As directed by Helpers 4 learners, quarterly funding transfers are made to SDSS the Nepali registered NGO, as PEP accounts for budget and executes the plan. 


Helpers 4 Learners leads fund development and donor relations. Our guiding values is to manage the PEP Fund with a low-cost, maximum effectiveness model for long-term sustainability of PEP. As required, the PEP Fund supports each PEP kid as they mature through their education and into productive adulthood. 


100% of every dollar donated goes into the PEP Fund and is transferred to Nepal. A group of Canadian donors covers all fee and fund-raising expenses.  

How the PEP Fund is Used

Our Core Values 

  • Excellence

  • Diligence

  • Accountability

  • Transparency 

  • Effectiveness

  • Efficiency


A Results-driven Fund