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The Funding Model

The PEP Fund

The PEP Fund (Prerana Education Partnership Fund) is a pool of money created by the gifts of donors.


The fund is domiciled in Canada and under the custody and control of International Messengers Canada Society, a registered Canadian charity.

Helpers 4 Learners leads the fund development actions and attends to donor relations.


​As directed by Helpers 4 Learners, quarterly tranches of funds are transferred to our PEP managing partner in Nepal for deployment to the program.


The PEP program and its funds, are watchfully managed under principles of low-cost, maximum effectiveness model for long-term sustainability.


As required, the PEP Fund supports each PEP student as they mature through their education and into productive adulthood. 


100% of every dollar donated goes into the PEP Fund and is transferred to Nepal. A group of Canadian donors covers all fee and fund-raising expenses.  

Our Core Values 

  • Excellence

  • Diligence

  • Accountability

  • Transparency 

  • Effectiveness

  • Efficiency

PEP Fund Usage.png
PEP Cost Table 2.png

Direct Costs of Schooling: school registration, uniforms, monthly fees, supplies, oversight. Paid directly to the school when the student attends and completes their work. 

Student/Parent Enrichments Program: life-skills training workshops for students and parents, so that the investment in schooling becomes fruitful. Societal barriers to the application of learning are removed as education becomes relevant and life-changing. It's not enough to just send a needy child to school.

Administration, Operating, Governance: operating expenses related to running PEP. The PEP program has one full-time employee, under the governance of Sundar Dhoka Saathi Sewa a Nepali registered NGO. 

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