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Like a Paper Airplane. . .
Kids Won't Thrive Until Someone Launches Them

"Education Should Be Every Child's Privilege"

Problem: Children of the urban poor in Nepal face huge barriers to schooling that keeps them stuck in generational poverty.

Solution: Just $300 (or $25 per month) will cover the direct school expenses of a Nepali child for an entire year!

Together: we nurture needy children out of poverty into a life of fulfillment, dignity, and realized potential.

Click to Watch: "A day in the life of a Nepali Student"   

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Mission & Strategy   

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Our STRATEGY: "Simply sending a needy child to school is not enough"

To make the investment in education life-changing, children need help with non-academic, life-skills too. 

Our wholistic child development approach, makes schooling fruitful in the life of the child, and releases them to fulfill their God-given potential. 

Our 100% Promise

A group of donors covers all fees and fund raising expenses.

100% of every dollar you give goes to Nepal and helps the children we serve.  



Together We Make it Happen

The Funding Engine

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Helpers 4 Learners is a program of International Messengers Canada Society (IMCS) for the oversight and funding of PEP (helping needy children in Nepal).

The Program


Prerana Education Partnership (PEP) is an outreach ministry of Sundar Dhoka Saathi Sewa (SDSS) Kathmandu, Nepal.


PEP exists to provide a path out of poverty for children of the urban poor and especially for those impacted by societal barriers imposed on people with disabilities. 

"Prerana" in Nepali means "to inspire".

And You. . .

Young Couple

You, the "Helpers" are the true heroes of the PEP program.


Canadian children, families, corporations, and charitable Foundations, through contributions to the PEP Fund, have created a pool of resources that enables life-changing impact for worthy children. 

Join the cause - every bit helps. 

Become a "Helper" today!

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