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Though a paper airplane may be perfectly designed

for flight. . . it can only fly. . .

. . .when someone launches it.

Kids are like that!

Our Strategy
"Sending a needy child to
school is not enough"

Cohort Based: a low-cost model. A cohort of donors (Helpers) financially helping a cohort of children (Learners).

Selective: for those who intentionally engage learning as their path out of poverty. We also select the best school for the child.

High-touch: wholistic life-skills development for both child and family. Parents lack basic "know how" which we address with regular workshops and home visits. Monthly in-school monitoring nurtures the child, the family, and school relationships. We advocate for the child

Partnership: the parent participates financially if only a little. This builds good values, engagement, and dignity.

Our 100% Promise

A small group of donors covers all fee and fund raising expenses.

This means that 100% of every dollar you give goes to Nepal and helps the children we serve.  

Making School Possible

The urban poor in Nepal have the least.

Their children face financial and societal barriers that keeps them uneducated

and stuck in generational poverty.

A gift of just $300 ($25 per month) will cover the direct

school expenses for a Nepali child for an entire year!

Together, we launch children from poverty into a life of fulfillment, dignity, and realized potential.

Education Should be Every Child's Privilege

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You can Help
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Your Help will Launch a Child today

Our Partners
Together we make it happen
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The Funding Engine

Co-founders of PEP, Helpers 4 Learners oversees the use of the PEP Fund and donor relations reporting.

We Help You Help Them

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A Registered Canadian Charity

Custodian of the PEP Fund, IMCS provides governance controls over the program to ensure integrity and fulfillment. 

IMCS issues tax receipts for all donations


A Registered Nepali NGO

PEP is an outreach ministry of Sundar Dhoka Saathi Sewa. SDSS is an NGO registered under the Social Welfare Council of Nepal.

Young Couple

And You. . .

You, the "Helpers" are the heroes of the PEP program.


Your kind, life-changing financial gift is the fuel that launches worthy but needy children.

Join today and become a "Helper".